Counseling Services Available: 

*Pre-Marital Counseling

While you're never quite 'ready' to get married, there is a lot you can do to prepare for you new life together.  Pre-marital counseling is an excellent way to prepare for the journey ahead, helping you and your future spouse walk through the basic building blocks of a great marriage.  This is the perfect opportunity to explore hopes, fears, expectations and challenges you may face in your new life together.

*Marriage Counseling

Blue Moon by Dana Johns

Blue Moon by Dana Johns

Marriage is a roller coaster with ups, downs, loops, and the occasional breakdown.  While many couples pursue pre-marital counseling, there is a lot you can't really know about your marriage until you're journeying together.  Every marriage needs help, and early marriage counseling explores ways to work together in growing a healthy marriage that endures.

*Depression, Stress & Anxiety

It's easy to get stuck in life.  Depression, anxiety and the overwhelming stress of life are a few of the hardships we face.  Counseling can be very helpful to discover what's really going on beneath the surface, and to work together to explore how God provides both help and hope in the midst of our struggles.

*Pastoral Counseling for Spiritual Growth

What does real spiritual growth look like?  Why does it seem so hard?  Why do I not seem to be growing at all?  These are great questions that we all face, and it can be extremely helpful to explore what genuine growth looks like and how to journey forward.