My Approach - Pastoral Counseling

As a Pastoral Counselor, I seek to understand and help others in light of who God is and how he works in our lives.  We are physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual beings who are made in the image of God, and so the change process must involve the One who creates, sustains, heals, and transforms.  God's grace is a big deal - it shapes both who I am and how I counsel others.  God's grace helps me to see that I am a broken person living in a broken world, but I am at the same time deeply loved by God and part of his great work of rescue and renewal through Jesus.

Many times in life we simply want symptomatic relief from our problems, but change must happen at a much deeper level.  Pastoral Counseling seeks to explore what's going on beneath the surface, and to work together to explore how God provides both help and hope in the midst of our struggles.  My approach to counseling is fairly simple - help connect the riches of God's grace and wisdom to the real needs of everyday life.   God's grace changes us from the inside out, and I want to be a part of helping others experience God's renewing grace in all of life.


Big Sky by  Dana Johns  

Big Sky by Dana Johns