My Story

One of my favorite hymns says it this way - God’s compassion is my story. The common thread that runs through my life is the grace and kindness of God.  I’m married to an amazing woman (Kaitie), who is my best friend, greatest ally, and Scrabble arch-nemesis.  She is an incredible mom and highly gifted photographer.  We have two young boys (Ethan & Andy), who make us laugh, cry, and realize that we are in way over our heads.

I pursued training as a pastor and counselor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta and at the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation in Philadelphia, and I have the privilege of serving the Athens community as both a Pastoral Counselor at Stonegate Counseling Associates and as an Assistant Pastor at Resurrection Presbyterian Church (PCA).


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My Hope for Counseling

My heart for counseling really began to grow in college, where I struggled with depression and feeling lost in life.  I was able to experience firsthand the help of wise counselors, caring pastors, and good friends.  Through seminary courses, pastoral ministry, counseling training, and personal experience, I’ve grown to see how God’s grace changes us from the inside out, and I want to be a part of helping people experience God’s renewing grace in all of life. 

Many times in life we simply want symptomatic relief from our problems, but change must happen at a much deeper level.  But as a counselor, I want to explore what's going on beneath the surface, and to work together to explore how God provides both help and hope in the midst of our struggles.   God's grace is a big deal - it shapes both who I am and how I counsel others.  And so my approach to counseling is fairly simple - help connect the riches of God's grace and wisdom to the real needs of everyday life.  God's grace changes us from the inside out, and I want to be a part of helping others experience God's renewing grace in all of life.